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​       很多P5-P6的孩子对科学学习的感觉困难而没有方向。而帮助孩子最大可能地提高成绩是我们GM多年来的研究课题和努力方向。多年努力的成果在历年的PSLE战绩中得到了证明。

Dr. James Li



" 很多家长都有这样的体会,当孩子来到了小学五年级,在数学这个科目上,就开始会有题目不太会做了,这个情况小四之前基本上没有过的。不少孩子在小五的SA1数学测试中,成绩一下子从小三小四一直保持的九十几分掉到了80分甚至以下。出现这种状况我们认为是有下面三个原因 ... "


Mr Daniel Chen

Concrete Wall

Why We Shouldn't Abolish the PSLE



"Education has always been a hotly discussed topic in Singapore. A few years ago it was whether the weighting of the mother tongue language score in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) should be reduced; then it was whether pre-school education should come under the Ministry of Education and be included as part of formal education, and now it's about how to lighten the burdens on students and parents due to the PSLE ..."



"有关教育课题的讨论,一直是新加坡整个社会最关心的课题之一。从几年前的是否要降低母语在小六会考中的比重,到不久前是否要把幼儿教育纳入教育部统一规划,再到最近如何减轻小六会考带给孩子和家长的压力等等,都是大家关注的 ..." 



Dr James Li (PhD)

Strengthening Teachers’ Professional Development is the First Step Towards Becoming a Good School



"An article by Thomas L. Friedman, “The Shanghai Secret”, was published in The New York Times on 25 October this year. Mr Friedman, three-time Pulitzer Prize winner and author of The World Is Flat, possesses a keen sense of observation. Together with a number of established educators from the United States, Mr Friedman visited some of the highest- and lowest-performing schools in China to discover its secret — how is it that Shanghai’s public secondary schools topped the world charts in the 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) examinations that measure the ability of 15-year olds in 65 countries to apply what they’ve learned in Maths, Science and Reading ..."



"今年10月25日美国《纽约时报》刊登了一篇托马 斯·弗里德曼的文章,题目是“上海的秘诀”。 弗里德曼是三届普利策新闻奖得主, 《世界是平的》作者,有着非常敏锐的观察力。他和美 国几位知名教育工作者,造访了中国几所表现最好和最 差的学校,想找出为什么上海的学生能够在2009年的国 际学生测评项目(PISA, Program for International Student Assessment)考试中全部项目名列第一的秘诀。PISA测评 每三年举行一次,2009年是对65个国家15岁学生数学、科 学和阅读掌握能力的测评 ..." 



Dr James Li (PhD)


Misconceptions in Primary Level Science


The Rate of Photosynthesis | 光合作用





Forces and Newton's Laws of Motion | 力和牛顿定理


Dr James Li (PhD)

Singapore vs. Shanghai: A Comparison between primary-level Maths Syllabus and Textbooks


"As the countries in the Asia-Pacific region experience rapid economic growth, they are gradually producing admirable achievements in the education sector. In the recent 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), with the exception of Finland, countries or cities in the Asia-Pacific region have bagged the top five spots in each category. Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai in particular, have clinched the top five positions in each of the three categories. Shanghai especially, produced astounding results, topping each of the three categories ..."







"随着亚太地区各国在经济上的快速发展,它们在教育领域也逐渐表现出令人刮目相看的成就。在最近一次(2009 年)的国际学生能力评估项目(PISA)中,除了芬兰以外,亚太地区包揽了各个项目(数学、科学及阅读)的前五名。新加坡、中国香港和上海表现更为出色,在每一项目上都位居前五名。其中,上海就更令人惊讶 ..."




Dr James Li (PhD)

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