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Here, we provide Mathematics, Science, English and Chinese tuition for Primary to Junior College students, preparing them for PSLE, O'Level and A'Level examinations.


In 2015, we launched Mathematics and Science online classes (taught in English) for students abroad, covering a wide range of courses to prepare them for PSLE, O'Level, A'Level, IB, SAT and AP examinations. 


As an all-encompassing educational consultancy, we're ever ready to pave the way for you and your child on this journey.

在这儿,我们提供新加坡教育体制下标准化考试各年级各科的补习(数学、科学、英文、华文),包括小六会考,O 水准及A水准。

面向中国,美国及其他国家的孩子,我们利用英语作为媒介语言,在 2015 年开创了远程网络教学。其科目包括数学和科学,范围涵盖小六会考,O 水准及A水准等新加坡标准化考试, IB, SAT及AP。


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GreatMinds School is an educational institution registered under the MOE 


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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

  1. As a tutoring school in Singapore, we strive towards excellence in both academics and vision

  2. To offer our unique solutions respecting to the variety of subjects taught across schools


Our Vision:

  1. To customise our tutoring services under a modernised educational system

  2. To keep up and incorporate the latest developments in the industry into our teaching methods

  3. To cater our services for both student and parents in an extensive and thorough manner



  1. 在教育理念和补习成绩上成为新加坡顶尖的补习学校

  2. 对广泛的教育课题贡献我们的解决方案


  1. 先进教育理念指导下的课程设计

  2. 跟上时代的教育理念和技术手段

  3. 更彻底地服务孩子和家长。

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