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Ms Guo Xinyu


Ms. Guo Xinyu, graduated with a master's degree from the Chinese Department of the National University of Singapore and obtained a double master's degree in educational technology from Moreland University in the United States.

Xinyu has vast experience as a tutor in the local education arena. As a young teacher full of passion for her students, she has engaged in teaching for more than 5 years. At the same time, she participated in the primary and secondary curriculum development. Having ambitions in cultivating the interests of local students learning Chinese in Singapore, she is committed to motivate students to learn Chinese and help students to improve on their exam performances.

At present, while engaged in teaching, Xinyu is also committed to do Chinese education related research in Singapore. Her research interests include immersive Chinese education, how educational technology assist Chinese teaching, Chinese teacher literacy training, etc. She has published books include 《新加坡小学华文字词复习巩固配套》.

Xinyu is cheerful and lively. Her principle is "combining teaching with fun". She aims to inspire children's thinking ability in Chinese. Through engaging class activities and games, her students can complete their learning objectives subconsciously and easily.

Xinyu is currently teaching primary Chinese in GM.

郭馨钰老师,毕业于新加坡国立大学中文系,获硕士文凭,并兼获有美国Moreland University的教育技术双硕士学位。




Ms Guo Xinyu
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