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Ms Eileen


Ms. Eileen graduated from NTU, holding a FlexiMasters in Management and Bachelor's in Accountancy.
Ms. Eileen has few years of experience in primary-level Science, English, and Chinese. She is engaging and aims to bring concepts alive and fun lessons for students. She also caters her teaching style to fit her students, which is more towards understanding the rationale instead of focusing on the correct answer.
Currently, Ms Eileen teaches primary Science in GM.

Ms Eileen毕业于南洋理工大学,拥有管理学硕士学位和会计学士学位。
Ms Eileen在小学科学、英语和中文方面拥有多年的教学经验。 她很有吸引力,致力于为学生带来生动的概念讲解和有趣的课程。 她还根据学生的需要调整教学风格,更注重理解原理,而不仅仅专注于正确答案。
Ms Eileen目前在GM教授小学科学。

Ms Eileen
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