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Ms Diana


Ms Diana graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Education,honours) in English Literature from NTU under the MOE scholarship programme.

She has taught English language and literature at the secondary and pre-university level for more than 10 years, covering the IB, O-Level and A-Levels syllabuses.

Being an experienced tutor, she also has ample experience in coaching Upper Primary students to help them achieve stellar results for their English. With an English Literature background, she desires to encourage and inculcate a love for the language in the students.

Currently, Ms Diana is teaching Primary and Secondary English at GM.

Ms Diana是教育部奖学金得主,获得南洋理工大学英语文学学士荣誉学士学位。


同样,她在用英语指导高年级小学阶段学生方面也有丰富的经验。 她以英语文学为背景,为班级带来了良好的英语写作能力,并激发了对语言的热爱。

目前,Ms Diana在GM担任小学和中学的英语教学。

Ms Diana
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