Ms Choo


Ms Choo is a former MOE teacher and a NUS graduate in Arts and Social Sciences, majoring in English Language and Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. Due to her training and experience, she has accumulated many tips, techniques and exam strategies which she shares with her students. She can explain the logic and reasoning behind the various principles and rules related to English. Students can then understand the reasoning behind each rule, know which rule to apply when they see a question, and hence answer that question correctly on their own. At the same time, students can develop their logical thinking. The ultimate goal of Ms Choo is to ensure that every student is exam-ready. Ms Choo has broad experience in coaching students from primary level, all the way up to the 'O' levels. Grasping the students' weaknesses and strengths quickly, she can show students how to improve in their weaker areas and also how to reinforce their strengths.

Her lessons are highly interactive to engage her students, and help change their attitude towards English from negative to positive. She also believes that students should take ownership of their learning progress. When students feel empowered, they will be more motivated in learning and doing better than before. Ms Choo is very enthusiastic and encouraging, rarely losing her patience. Students tend to recognise her passion for teaching and they are often responsive to her. Currently, she is teaching Primary English at GM.

Ms Choo是前教育部老师,毕业于国大艺术与社会科学专业,主修英语语言和心理学,辅修哲学。基于她的专业训练和经验,积累了许多窍门、技巧和考试策略,并擅于和学生分享。她擅长解释与英语相关的各种原则和规则背后的逻辑和推理。使学生可以理解每个规则背后的原因,知道遇到问题时要应用哪个规则,从而自己能够正确回答问题。同时,学生的逻辑思维能力可以得到发展。Ms Choo的最终目标是确保每个学生都有能力应对考试。 从小学到”O-Level”,Ms Choo都具有20多年丰富的教学经验。她可以迅速抓住学生的弱点和长处,并指导他们如何在自己的薄弱环节提高自己的能力,如何扬长避短。

她的课程互动性很高,可以吸引学生,并帮助他们将英语态度从消极转变为积极。她还认为,学生应该掌握自己的学习进度。当学生感到有能力时,他们将比以前更有动力学习和做得更好。 对于英语教学她充满热情,并且非常耐心。学生能够感受到她的热情并受到鼓舞,给予积极地响应。目前她在GM担任小学英语的教学任务。

Ms Choo