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Ms Belle Teo


Ms Teo graduated with an honour degree from University of London in the UK. Gifted in the domain of Language & Arts, Ms Teo has carved a niche in the education industry with her wealth of teaching experiences in both the private and public sectors. Having taught the English language for more than a decade, she has never failed to inspire, motivate and nurture learners with her bubbly charisma, effective pedagogy, affable personality and responsible attitude.

Well-versed in the MOE syllabus, Ms Teo has helped hundreds of learners in achieving their academic targets through strategic-focused, mind- stimulating and engaging lessons. Ms Teo harnesses the beauty and power of language to instill interest in her learners. She is able to let students see beyond the purpose of a language mastery.

Currently, Ms Teo is teaching Primary English at GM. In the eyes of her students, Ms Teo is not just a teacher but also a mentor for life.

Ms Teo毕业于英国伦敦大学,获得荣誉学位。她在语言和艺术领域很有天赋,凭借她10多年的英语教学经验,在教育行业中开辟了自己的领域。她以活泼的人格魅力,有效的教学方法,和蔼可亲的性格和负责任的态度,培养、激励着孩子们,激发孩子们对语言的热爱。

Ms Teo熟悉MOE的教学大纲,通过突出重点,激发热情和积极参与的课程帮助数百名学生实现其学习目标。她利用语言的魅力和力量来激发孩子们的学习兴趣。让孩子们感受到超越语言的奥妙所在。

Ms Teo 目前在GM 担任小学英语的教学。在她的学生看来,Ms Teo不仅是一位老师,还是一位学生的良师益友。

Ms Belle Teo
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