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Mr Ben Lee


Mr Ben Lee holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Australia and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NIE.

He has more than 14 years of experience teaching English in primary and secondary schools. As a former student of Raffles Institution, Mr Lee knows what helps students to achieve their highest potential. He is patient, approachable and motivates students to always improve themselves.

Currently, Mr Ben Lee is teaching Primary English at GM.

Mr Ben Lee 先生拥有西澳大利亚大学的学士学位和 NIE 的教育硕士文凭。

他拥有超过 14 年的中小学英语教学经验。作为莱佛士书院毕业的学生,Mr Ben Lee知道什么方法可以帮助学生发挥最大潜力。他耐心且平易近人,善于激励学生不断提高自己。

目前,Mr Ben Lee 在GM担任小学英语的教学。

Mr Ben Lee
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