Mdm Zhang Peihong


Mdm Zhang Peihong is in charge of Chinese at Greatminds School. She is a former primary school language teacher in Shanghai, top-level teacher. She made great achievements in teaching competitions across all levels for consecutive years. She is one of the earliest designated teachers in Shanghai to conduct small-class teaching research pilots. She was one of the authors of language school textbooks in Singapore and has nearly 20 years of experience in teaching Chinese in Singapore. She taught Chinese composition courses in various primary schools including Peiqun Primary. In addition to Chinese and Higher Chinese courses, her online composition courses let children fall in love with Chinese writing. Even parents have seen obvious changes, not only in Chinese, but also in learning motivation. This is the most important factor that can nurture a child's long-term learning autonomy.

Currently, Mdm Zhang is teaching Primary 普华, 高华 and Composition at GM.



Mdm Zhang Peihong