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Mdm Tan Meng Leng

Head of Department (English)

Madam Tan Meng Leng is a creative and engaging English teacher, having taught the language for more than 20 years, both in schools, and as an English tutor managing many weekly classes.

She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. After spending a good part of her career in Banking Services, she returned to her first love – the English Language, having ‘tasted’ the excitement of being a ‘wordsmith’ as an English reporter in the initial years. Her mid-career change to the school setting sparked a fresh burst of life and energy. She remains a fun and passionate educator at heart even up to this day.

Mdm Tan infuses her lessons with a sense of quirky humour, anecdotes from her own learning journey and interesting origins of English words and idiomatic expressions to pique the interest of students Often, tingles of students’ laughter emanate from her classroom because she connects language to life. Through various stimulating texts, students gradually learn core skills to effectively tackle English examinations and use language as a powerful communication tool to express individual opinion.

As the head of the English Department, Mdm Tan not only manages the classes under her control, but also supervises the teaching syllabi of the various English levels within the school.

Tan Meng Leng女士是一位富有创造力和吸引力的英语老师,她在学校和私教领域有着20多年的教学经验。


Mdm Tan以她独特的幽默感,丰富的生活阅历以及英语单词和惯用语的有趣起源来灌输课程,以激发学生的兴趣。由于她将语言与生活联系在一起,所以时长有学生的笑声从她的教室传出来。通过各种启发性的文本和幽默且融入生活的教学,学生逐渐学习了核心技能,以有效地应对英语考试,并使用语言作为表达个人意见的强大交流工具。

作为GM英语部主任,Mdm Tan在她自己的教学工作之外还担任着统筹和协调各年级教学大纲的任务。

Mdm Tan Meng Leng
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