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Ms Rina


Ms Rina holds a bachelor's Degree of Business Administration in the University of South Australia, Adelaide. Previously, She had a strong background in the Chemical field as a laboratory analyst after graduating from Singapore Polytechnic.
She has been a full-time tutor since 2006 and specialises in Primary school Math and Science especially PSLE subjects. Teaching has always been her passion since young as she has a strong call to impart her knowledge in Maths and Science to motivate the younger generation to enjoy learning.
Besides providing academic support, she also provide emotional and social support in their journey of education. She views partnership with parents of great importance. Together with the right match of attitude, intensive revision and quality classroom management, most students are able to excel and improved under her coaching. Creating a simpler way of understanding Math and Science is always her top priority. That is why all her students remembered her as a teacher who teaches them from the heart.
Currently, Ms Rina is teaching Primary Mathematics and Science at GM.

Ms Rina 拥有University of South Australia工商管理学士学位。 此前,她从新加坡理工学院毕业后担任实验室分析师,在化学领域拥有深厚的背景。
她自 2006 年起担任全职补习老师,专攻小学数学和科学,尤其是PSLE科目。 她从小就热衷于教学,有着强烈的愿望通过传授数学和科学知识,激励年轻一代享受学习。
除了提供学术支持外,她还在教学过程中非常重视情感和社会的支持。 她认为与父母的密切合作非常重要。结合了正确的态度、密集的复习和高质量的课堂管理,大多数学生都能在她的指导下进步并取得优异的成绩。 她非常重视创建一种更为简单的方式来引导孩子理解数学和科学。 这就是为什么她的学生都记得她是一位用心教导他们的老师。
目前,Ms Rina在GM教授小学数学和科学。

Ms Rina
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