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Ms Jeanie


Miss Jeanie Teo graduated from SIM, University of London, with second class (upper) honours in Banking & Finance.

Jeanie has many years of experience in primary level Mathematics and Science. Her teaching philosophy is not only to ensure that students do well academically, but also ensure that students have fun learning in class and in turn increase their motivation levels. Jeanie is currently pursuing her studies in the field of counselling to pick up skills which will enable her to widen her area of expertise and at the same time, help others to improve their life.

Jeanie is currently teaching primary math and science in GM.

Miss Jeanie Teo 毕业于SIM, University of London,主修银行和金融, 荣获二等荣誉学位。Jeanie 有多年小学数学和科学教学经验。她的教学理念是不单帮助孩子提升学习成绩,同时也让孩子体会学习的快乐,从而提升孩子对学习的主动意识。Jeanie 目前也正在学习社会辅导专业,以期待拓展教育经验,同时希望能够帮助别人。

Jeanie 目前在GM教授小学数学和科学。

Ms Jeanie
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