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Mr Lo Ching


Mr Lo Ching holds a Bachelor of Engineer Degree from NUS, having graduated from the school of Materials Science and Engineering. Inspired by his strong interest and background in Math and Sciences, he has years of experience teaching both Lower and Upper Secondary Math and Science(s).
As an alumnus of Raffles Institution, he understands the importance of a teacher’s guidance in a child’s journey of learning. He firmly believes in the importance of building a strong foundation, as it sets up the child’s path of learning, enabling them to be more confident, curious and motivated in their future education.
Currently, Mr Lo Ching teaches Secondary Science in GM.

Mr Lo Ching毕业于新加坡国立大学材料科学与工程学院,获得工程学学士学位。他拥有多年的中学数学和科学教学经验,这也是受了他对数学和科学的浓厚兴趣和教育背景的启发,。
目前Mr Lo Ching在GM担任中学科学的教学。

Mr Lo Ching
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