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Dr Li Hongmin

Principal, Head of Department (Secondary Science)

Dr. Li, the principal of Greatminds School. His area of expertise is primary and secondary level education research. He was the invited author for the Singapore first education journal 'EduNation'. He got his BSc. from Fudan University in Chemistry and Ph.D in NUS in Physical Chemistry.

Dr. Li had been the form teacher of the first gifted class in Fudan University. Dr. Li has received three times 'Best Teaching Award' from Fudan University, the Shanghai Education Bureau, and China MOE, respectively. He is the co-author of the two books: 'Guide to Solving Problems in Physical Chemistry' and 'Daddy Teach Modern Science'. Dr. Li is also an international trainer for teaching methods, and has trained Maths and Science teachers in Shanghai and Philippines. Some of his recent publishes on Singapore education are: 'Small school, small Class is the future of education', 'Why we shouldn’t abolish the PSLE', 'Singapore vs. Shanghai: a comparison between primary-level maths syllabus and textbooks', and 'Misconception in primary level science'.

With a unique teaching method, Dr. Li has trained a batch of students who integrate theory with practice, and trained a team of mathematics and science teachers at Greatminds School. Currently he is teaching PSLE science and mathematics, O-Level physics at GM.

李宏珉博士,博思书院院长, 李博士专长于中小学教学方法研究,是新加坡第一本教育杂志《新学》的特约作者。李博士本科毕业于复旦大学化学系,并获得新加坡国立大学物理化学博士。李博士曾是复旦大学第一届理科天才班的导师,并获得复旦大学、上海市教育局以及中国教育部的三项优秀教学奖。他也是教学方法的国际讲师,曾在上海和菲律宾开课,指导当地的数理科教师。李博士与人合作著有《物理化学解题指南》,《阿爸教现代科技》等著作。近期发表的有关新加坡教育的文章有,“小校小班是教育的未来”,“微调教育政策,提升教学水平 – 从小六会考的压力谈起”,“新加坡 vs上海: 小学数学教学大纲和课本的比较”,以及 “小学科学中的一些错误概念 ”等。

李博士用独特的教学方式,培养了一批批理论联系实际的学生,并培养了Greatminds School数学科学老师团队。目前在GM教授PSLE科学和数学、O-Level物理。

Dr Li Hongmin
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