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Ms Lin


Ms Lin graduated from Hwa Chong Institution where she received the Academic Excellence Award. She is currently pursuing a degree in Industrial Systems Engineering at the National University of Singapore.
Upon graduating from junior college, Ms Lin underwent an interview and selection process with the Ministry of Education, and entered a government secondary school as an intern teaching mathematics for a semester. Her teaching style is characterised by humour, making the learning experience enjoyable. Ms. Lin enjoys interacting with students, fostering a comfortable teacher-student relationship, and creating a relaxed and pleasant classroom atmosphere to minimise any sense of distance between them.
When teaching mathematics, Ms Lin prefers starting from the most straightforward and understandable approach, providing detailed explanations for each step to ensure student comprehension. She begins with foundational problems, gradually increasing difficulty, and consistently monitors students' progress to ensure everyone keeps up with the course.
Ms Lin believes that education is a process of inspiration and guidance. She is dedicated to helping students develop an interest in and confidence in mathematics. By recognizing students' shining points, providing affirmation and encouragement, she aims to unleash their potential, enabling them to achieve greater success in both the field of mathematics and their life journeys.
Currently, Ms Lin is teaching Secondary Math at GM.

Ms Lin 毕业于华侨中学,在校期间获得学术卓越奖。目前正在新加坡国立大学攻读工业系统工程专业。
高中毕业后,Ms Lin通过新加坡教育部的面试和选拔,进入政府中学实习一个学期,主要负责教授学生数学。上课风格幽默风趣,让学习变得有趣。Ms Lin喜欢与学生互动,建立良好的师生关系,通过轻松愉悦的课堂氛围,减少师生之间的距离感。
Ms Lin在教学数学时,擅长用最简单易懂的语言,详细解释每一步过程,确保学生能够理解。并且从最基础的题目开始,循序渐进,难度层层提升,时时关注学生的学习进展, 确保每一位同学都能跟上课程的节奏。
Ms Lin相信教育是一种启发和引导的过程,她致力于帮助学生建立对数学的兴趣和自信心。通过发现学生的闪光点,给予肯定和鼓励,能够激发学生的潜力,使他们在数学学科和人生道路上取得更好的成绩。
目前,Ms Lin 在GM教授中学数学。

Ms Lin
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