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Ms Kim

Subject Head (Lower Primary Science)

Ms Kim did her Bachelor’s at Yale-NUS College with honours in Environmental Studies. Because of her experience from studying in Shanghai, she can communicate fluently in Chinese and English with parents. She placed in the top 3% in her cohort with her IB results, obtaining maximum scores in subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Geography, English, as well as Mathematics.

Ms Kim believes that with patience, confidence, and constant practice, all students can master Science and Math. She stands firm that learning Science is not just about mastering skills and techniques - it is also about exploring the world and strengthening logical thinking and reasoning with proper concepts. She pushes students to think critically and develop their own interests and love for the subjects.

Ms Kim has been teaching primary and lower secondary school students as early as 2013. She is familiar with the struggles and obstacles students go through when adapting back in Singapore, facing challenges like changes in tests syllabi and low confidence in new settings. Because of this shared background, she connects very well with her students and gains their trust easily. Under her guidance, many students have shown improvements in grades and learning attitudes.

Currently, Ms Kim is the subject head (lower primary Science) and teaches Primary Mathematics and Science at GM.

Ms Kim毕业于耶鲁-新加坡国立大学,主修环境学,获得荣誉学士学位。由于有过在上海学习的经历,她能用双语流利地和家长沟通。她的IB课程成绩在全校排名前3%,在生物学、化学、地理学、数学、以及英文中获得最高分。

Ms Kim相信只要有耐心、自信、和不断的练习,每个学生都有掌握科学和数学的能力。Ms Kim 坚信学习科学不仅是在于掌握技能和技巧,还在于探索世界和以适当的概念加强逻辑思维和推理的能力。她鼓励学生批判性思考,并希望利用这些特点来培养孩子对科学和数学的喜爱。

Ms Kim有着近10年小学和中学低年级的教学经验。她熟悉学生适应新加坡时遇到的困难和障碍,面临考试大纲变更和在新环境的信心不足等挑战。由于这种共同的背景,Ms Kim具有特别的亲和力,和学生的关系融洽,也深得学生们的信任。在她的指导下,许多学生在成绩和学习态度上都有了明显的进步。

目前Ms Kim 在GM担任小学低年级科学部门主任,并担任小学数学和科学的教学。

Ms Kim
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