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Mr Zhu Zheng


Mr Zhu Zheng holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the NUS. He majored in Mathematics and double minored in Psychology and Forensic Science, a unique combination almost unheard of. He used to work as a Mathematics teacher at MOE.

Mr Zhu has near 20 years of professional teaching experience in mathematics, including "A" and "O" level mathematics, and IP mathematics. So far, he has helped more than 200 students improve and achieved satisfactory results.

Mr Zhu's teaching philosophy focuses on understanding the logic behind each mathematical concept. His teaching style is lively and interesting, and he can understand children's learning difficulties and psychology from the heart. This comes from his own learning frustrations in secondary school and the rare experience of overcoming difficulties in the end. At the beginning of secondary school, his mathematics performance was not so good. But after entering junior college, he became more independent and approached mathematics with an inquiry mentality. He began to explore the logic behind mathematical concepts and completed the syllabus through self-study. This unique experience from failure and a deeper understanding of mathematics is the main contribution of his teaching method today.

Currently, Mr Zhu is teaching Secondary and Junior College Mathematics at GM.

Mr Zhu拥有新加坡国立大学的理学学士学位。主修数学,辅修心理学和法医学,这是一种几乎闻所未闻的独特组合,这体现了他广泛的学习兴趣和学习能力。他曾在MOE担任数学老师。

Mr Zhu有近20年专业教授数学的经验,包括 “A” , “O” 水准数学,以及IP数学。迄今为止,他已经帮助超过200名学生提高并取得了令人满意的成绩。

Mr Zhu的教学理念侧重于理解每个数学概念背后的逻辑。他的教学风格活泼有趣,而且能够从内心出发理解孩子的学习困难和心理。这来源于他自己在中学时期的学习挫折和最终克服困难的难得体会。中学初期,他的数学表现不佳。但进入初级学院后,他变得更加独立,并以探究的心态接近数学。他开始探索数学概念背后的逻辑,并通过自学完成了教学大纲。这种从失败中自己走出来的独特体验和对数学的更深入的认识是他今天教学方法的主要贡献。

目前,Mr Zhu 在Greatminds 担任中学数学和JC数学的教学工作。

Mr Zhu Zheng
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