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Mr Kwok Wai Keong

Head of Department (Primary Science)

Mr Kwok Wai Keong is the Head of department (Primary Science) of Greatminds School, holding a BSc. Degree from NUS. He has more than 20 years of teaching experience in Mathematics and Science in primary and secondary schools, including ACS (Independent) and overseas international schools.

Mr Kwok is patient and meticulous. He helps many children build confidence in learning and guide them to continuously improve from theory to practice.

Mr Kwok is currently teaching P5 Science, P6 Math and P6 Science. As HOD of primary science, he is also responsible for the training of the teachers’ team.

Mr Kwok为 Greatminds 小学科学部主任。拥有新加坡国立大学理学士学位。Mr Kwok有着二十多年数学和科学的教学经验,曾任教于英华中学及海外国际学校。擅长小学及中学各年级数学及科学课程。

Mr Kwok教学风格耐心细致,帮助了许多孩子树立学习的信心,引导孩子们从理论到实践不断地提高。

目前在Greatminds 担任小学高年级科学和数学的教学,并负责老师团队的培训工作。

Mr Kwok Wai Keong
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