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Dr. Zhao Jie

Head of Department (Secondary Math)

Dr. Zhao earned his PhD degree in engineering from Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, and with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Shandong University. He also holds dual MBA degree from National University of Singapore and Peking University. Dr. Zhao is a patient & passionate teacher. He is familiar with the MOE syllabus, and has more than ten years of experience in Mathematics teaching, especially in Olympiad Math, GEP and IP math. In recent years, his students got many Platinum medals and Gold medals in SMOPS and other important Math Olympiad competitions in Singapore. In his daily teaching, Dr. Zhao attaches importance to heuristic teaching, emphasizes the understanding and application of basic concepts, pay attention to the cultivation of critical thinking ability, and pays attention to linking mathematical problems with the application of economics and physics in real life to improve students' application ability.

Dr. Zhao is currently the Head of Math Department(Secondary), teaching Secondary Mathematics in Greatminds School.

赵杰博士 拥有北京航空航天大学工学博士,山东大学应用数学学士,并获得北京大学和新加坡国立大学MBA双学位。赵博士对教学有极大的热忱和耐心,熟悉新加坡教学大纲,拥有超过十年的数学教学经验,尤其擅长奥数、GEP以及IP数学等方面的教学,他的学生在近年的SMOPS等重要竞赛中获得多次白金奖和多个金奖。在日常教学中,赵博士重视启发式教学,强调对基础概念的理解与应用,注重思维思考能力的培养,注意把数学问题与生活中经济、物理等应用联系起来,以提高学生的应用能力。


Dr. Zhao Jie
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