2021 TERM 2

17h March 2020 - 25th May 2021


1. All fees in the payment advice will include 7% GST (Effective 1st March 2019).

2. All new classes need a minimum of 4 students to commence.  

3. Referral System: When a new student enrols for the full-term course (>10 lessons):

a. The referrer will get $50 discount (including prevailing GST, it will be displayed as $46.73 before GST) on the next bill.

b. GreatMinds will waive the registration fee ($20) for the new student. 

4. Tuition fee must be paid before the 1st lesson starts or latest on the same day when a student attends his/her 1st lesson; there will be a late payment charge of $50 if tuition fee is received after 2nd lesson of the Term. If the fee payment is still not received before the 3rd lesson, the student will not be allowed to attend any further lessons.

5. Tuition Fee Discount (Regular Classes):    

a. 2 Subjects - discount $2.50/per lesson 

b. 3 Subjects & above - discount $5.00/per lesson 

6. Tuition Fee Discount (Holiday Classes):    

a. 10% discount given to current students

b. For new students, 10% discount will be given if the student has already paid a full-term course fee for the next term following the holiday program.

7. Two weeks' written notice is required if there is a course withdrawal in the middle of the Term. 

8. Make-Up Lesson Policy:

a. If a student is not able to attend his/her class, he/she is allowed to attend other slots within the same academic week (Each academic week runs from Wednesday to the following Tuesday) after arranging with GreatMind's administrative staff via a phone call (6659 1339) or private message through WeChat to greatminds_school during our operating hours below. Please ensure you receive a confirmation message from GreatMinds prior to attending the make up lesson.

Monday to Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday to Friday: 10.00am to 5.00pm

Saturday to Sunday: 9.00am to 6.00pm

b. If there are no available slots for the make up lesson, the student will be given worksheets via e-mail to complete. He/She should take the initiative to review the completed work with the teacher during subsequent lessons.

c. Every student is offered 3 makeup lessons per term.

9. All worksheets and materials provided by Greatminds School are used between the registered students and Greatminds School authorised teachers. Regardless of any circumstance, these worksheets and materials are not to be disclosed to any third party.

10. No recording of our online lessons in any form is allowed. This lesson must be attended by the registered student only. Our teachers have the authority to remove any user who does not display the registered student's name without any notice during the lesson.

11. You can also find our latest schedule from our Official WeChat Account / Facebook / Website. 

12. Greatminds School reserves the right to make any adjustments to the program schedule and tuition fee at its own discretion.

Payment Mode: NETs/PayNow/Fund Transfer

Account Name: Greatminds School Pte Ltd
PayNow UEN: 200902116R

Bank Account: 162-900113-1 (DBS Current Account)




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