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P2 English

The Primary Two English class aims to help lower primary students to  establish a strong foundation and develop love for English.


Students will be introduced to fundamental grammatical concepts, vocabulary, sentence structuring,    comprehension & communication skills. Challenging questions will also be exposed to students.


Lesson incorporates guided work by teacher to strengthen techniques learnt, individual work tasked for student to practise on the spot in class and weekly homework for student to practise more and revise. Weekly test will also be conducted to assess student’s progress . There will also be class discussions and activities to stimulate interest in learning. Teacher does infuse humour in lesson to make it relaxing and fun for the class.

This course is suitable  for students who wish to improve their English in a fun and relaxing environment. It is also recommended for those who wish to be intellectually stimulated with challenging questions, preparing them for P3 GEP.


Each 1.5-hour lesson will be delivered weekly.


P3 English

Building Mental Frameworks and Expanding Vocabulary Skills.


This course seeks to heighten P3 children’s language abilities by challenging their vocabulary, comprehension, comprehension cloze and general ability skills in preparation for the GEP examinations.

  • Vocabulary: Weekly vocabulary tests and deconstruction of words

  • Comprehension: Question classification and systematic reading techniques

  • Comprehension Cloze: Clue identification training and word selection

  • General Ability: Building mental models and question analysis


Through testing similar material in different ways, the material is curated to maximise the language understanding of P3 children who aspire to join the GEP. Through detailed explanation, a step-by-step approach and exposure to global affairs, students will be able to plug the gaps in their understanding for relatively advanced questions and topics.

P4 English

The course builds on what the students have learnt in P3 and leads them into strengthening skills in 3 examinable areas listed below. The course is appropriate for the average P3 students.

This course will cover the following:

  • Sound grammar fundamentals,

  • Understanding of average text and increasing Vocabulary store

  • Answering skills- Students will learn how to search for clues and extract information in Level-appropriate Comprehension pieces.

  • Writing simple, complete stories which are building blocks for more sophisticated compositions in P5 and P6


Each 2-hour lesson will be delivered weekly, supplemented by holiday programmes, weekly tests to assess students’ understanding ability.

P5 English

This course aims to help students consolidate learnt principles in P4 and guide them into higher order work in the P5 syllabus which follows the PSLE requirements.

After a firm footing in the P4 programme, the P5 student will proceed to  :

  • more complex Grammar, Sentence Construction and different manipulations.

  • Higher-level Comprehension passages and more varied vocabulary.  Students will learn systematic reading techniques and answering skills to tackle difficult questions.

  • new skills to tackle new challenging sections like Comprehension Cloze and Vocabulary Cloze which require students to possess strong vocabulary.

  • Writing a more detailed story with emphasis on description of characters and plot development.


Each 2-hour lesson will be delivered weekly, supplemented by holiday programmes, weekly tests to assess students’ understanding ability and remedial lessons to assist weak students.

Fishing Boat

P6 English

This course equips P6 students with the right skills to tackle the PSLE English exam. Classes and lessons are designed with students’ varying abilities in mind.


Lessons will significantly revolve around Key examinable sections in the written papers, with emphasis on

  • Composition (Paper 1) : Students will learn to design engaging plots that are logical, creating lively characters and writing a meaningful conclusion.

  • Paper 2 ( worth almost 50% of total score)- this training will leverage on knowledge gained in  P5, concentrating on sharper answering skills in higher-order ,complex Comprehension Questions, language intricacies in rewriting sentences.

  • A larger vocabulary base – This will enable students to find the right answers to fit the challenging questions in Comprehension Cloze and Vocabulary Cloze.


Each 2-hour lesson, delivered weekly, will consist of assessment tests, principles learnt, and new vocabulary. Weaker students are helped through weekly remedial lessons. Holiday programmes reinforce skills learnt. There is also a P6 Preparatory course as a stepping stone for P5 students before they enter the P6 year.

P6 English Compo

This course trains the student to become an engaging storyteller. It best fits P6 students who have already acquired satisfactory composition writing skills and may want to enhance their overall English score by excelling in Paper 1.


  • It covers plot analysis, character development and writing techniques like similes and metaphors, as well as time management in completing Composition and Situational Writing within exam-prescribed duration.

  • The students will learn a rich and wide variety of writing tools, as well as how to express ideas vividly, lay the right setting to begin a story, design complications in the plot and end with an interesting twist/moral lesson in the tale.


Weekly lessons are 2 hours each, with 8 lessons devoted to composition writing and 2 lessons to Situational Writing, all within each 10-lesson term.  Special Holiday classes are also designed to expose students to different creative writing styles.

Floating in the Sea

S1 English

This course teaches students to grow building blocks to Secondary English requirements.


The Sec1 English teacher will set Sec 1 students on a new learning curve which includes:

  • learning new language devices that elevate their understanding of different texts , AND particularly , texts with greater literary focus.

  • equipping students with ability to tackle Comprehension and Summary questions pitched, as a simple replica of the O level papers.

  • new forms in Editing and Summary writing and an extended base of vocabulary to boost Comprehension answering skills for 9 types of Comprehension Questions.

  • writing better narrative compositions and new Situational Writing skills that will help them in Expository essays in Sec 2 and Argumentative essays in Upper Secondary.


2-hour per weekly lesson which includes regular tests on vocabulary, comprehension and composition.

S2 English (IP)

The IP programme leads high-ability students through an enrichment programme beyond the usual O level curriculum.


The demanding programme focuses on:

  • Language and thought maturity. These are trained through comprehension  (paper 2) and paper 1 (expository and argumentative essays).  Students will focus on key questions like inferences and 'in your own words' questions. The aim is to build confidence and target on clear thinking and writing ability.

  • General knowledge and current affairs discussion to expose students to social or environmental issues so that they can become critical thinkers. This lays the foundation for more analytical writing requirements in Upper Secondary Compositions.


Each 2 -hour weekly lesson will be led by the teacher  to encourage both oral and written participation with regular assessment tests.

S2 English (Exp)

This course is planned to upgrade the skills taught at Sec 1 level to meet Upper Secondary standards.


Follows closely the demands of most Secondary schools preparing students for the ‘O’ levels, and comprises:

  • comprehension (paper 2)-  an essential skill needed to do well for secondary two. Focus is on key comprehension questions like inference questions and language questions, those that stumble most Sec 2 students .

  • more matured composition writing especially in Expository essays. Using notes and reading materials to supplement what students can find through research and online , the teacher encourages students to think beyond their narrow confines. The aim is to get students to become familiar with social issues and be able to articulate a variety of opinions succinctly.


Weekly 2-hour lessons which will incorporate the above content and regular tests.

S3 English (IP)

This course prepares high-ability students to excel in their schools’ individually designed English exams.


  • Comprehension work pitched at a challenging level to lay foundation for General Paper skills in Junior Colleges thereafter. Questions will expose students to thought-provoking issues, similar to school exam standards.

  • Expository and Argumentative essays that require much analytical , thinking skills and wide knowledge in different sections such as Arts and Culture, Discrimination, Youth, Education, Terrorism, and other Social issues.


Each 2-hour weekly lesson will cover the above with regular tests.

Fishing Boat

S3 English (Exp)

This course prepares students for the O level English exam. Content is synonymous with O level requirements.

  • comprehension passages and compositions


Students will be given perceptive and penetrating materials and taught the correct skills to answer  'unusual and effective questions' in  Comprehension work.

The compositions are mainly focused on argumentative questions that require analytical thinking skills and a wide knowledge of current social issues.

Similarly carried out like the Sec 3 IP programme on a weekly 2-hour lesson basis.

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