Ms Hey


Ms Hey holds a Bachelor's degree from the London School of Economics in the UK and a Master's degree from Yale University in the US. She also received the Prime Minister’s Book Award for academic excellence in language.

Ms Hey is also known for her skill in teaching English to students from various levels. She devises learning techniques to help her students systematically. Committed to quality teaching, Ms Hey’s teaching materials are customized to student’s learning abilities.

A dedicated teacher with an engaging teaching style, Ms Hey uses innovative teaching techniques to ensure that students are actively absorbing lesson content.

Students find Ms Hey's classes both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating, as they walk away from each class learning something new about English and the world. By instiling in her students a curiosity in English, most of Ms Hey's students not only improve, but also develop a true interest in the language.

Currently, Ms Hey is teaching Primary English at GM.

Ms Hey拥有英国伦敦政治经济学院的学士学位和美国耶鲁大学的硕士学位。 她还因为语言方面的学术成就而获得了总理书籍奖。

Ms Hey还擅长教学各年级学生的英语。她研究系统的教学帮助了很多学生。 致力于提供优质的教学,Ms Hey的教学材料是根据每班学生的学习能力而定制的。

Ms Hey是一位敬业的教师,具有吸引人的教学风格。她能用创新的教学方式来让学生积极主动地吸收课程内容。

Ms Hey的课既有趣又激发脑力,让学生们在学习英语知识时,也懂看世界。 通过激发学生对英语的好奇心,学生们能不仅提高英语水平,而且对英语产生了真正的兴趣。

目前Ms Hey 在GM担任小学英语的教学。

Ms Hey