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Ms Shani


Ms. Shani holds a Bachelor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with honours from NTU and she also recently graduated from a Professional Diploma in Data Analytics from NUS. She scored straight A for all her A Level subjects which include Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science.

Ms. Shani has more than 8 years of teaching experience in Mathematics and Science in Primary levels, both physical and online tutoring. She has a calm and patient manner which makes her easy to relate well to young children.

Watching children learn and grow is a very rewarding experience, and this is a key motivation for Ms. Shani, and the fundamental reason why she enjoys teaching. She is passionate about making lessons enjoyable for her students which in turn encourages her students to engage and learn more effectively. She believes that with the right learning method and attitude, every student can reach their full potential.

Currently, Ms Shani is teaching Primary Science at GM.

Ms Shani以优异的成绩获得了NTU的化学和生物分子工程学荣誉学士学位,还获得了NUS的数据分析专业文凭。她在A Level考核中获得了所有科目的A,包括数学,化学,物理和计算机科学。

Ms Shani有着8年教学小学数学和科学的经验,包括面授和网络课程。镇定和耐心的态度使Ms Shani很容易与孩子们建立良好的关系。

看着孩子们学习和成长是收获非凡的经历,这是Ms Shani 从事教育的初衷,也是她享受教学的根本原因。她热衷于为学生提供有趣的课程,这更鼓舞了学生们更有效地参与和学习。Ms Shani相信,只要有正确的学习方法和态度,每个学生都可以挖掘出自己的全部潜力。

Ms Shani 目前在GM 担任小学科学的教学。

Ms Shani
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