Ms May


Ms May graduated with an Honours degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in NUS. Equipped with 15 years of teaching experience under her belt, Ms May has, over the years, helped more than 300 students obtain excellent results in their national examinations. Having taught PSLE Science, English and Math for such a long duration, she is very familiar with the curricula and syllabi prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

Ms May combines clarity and logical reasoning in her class lectures to raise her students’ interest in the subjects she teaches. Parents appreciate and praise her close attention to their children’s academic progress and the rapport she builds with them.

Ms May is a warm and friendly tutor who possesses adequate language proficiency for ease of communication with families from Chinese-speaking backgrounds.We believe that children will benefit from the interesting and logical science lessons conducted by Ms May.

She is currently teaching P5 and P6 Science at GM.

Ms May 老师毕业于国大机械工程系,获得荣誉学位。有着15年的补习教学经验,多年来帮助了300多名学生在国家级考核中获得优秀成绩。Ms May致力于PSLE科学、英语和数学的教学,熟悉教育部的教学大纲,多年来受到家长们的一致好评。

Ms May的讲课条理清晰,逻辑明确,生动有趣的课程提高了孩子们的学习兴趣。家长们很感激Ms May对学生学习状况的高度关注。May老师为人热情友善,华文也是相当好,和家长们用华语沟通毫无障碍。相信孩子们们在她的带领下体验有趣而富有逻辑性的科学。

目前Ms May 在GM担任P5 和P6 Science的教学。

Ms May