Mdm Michelle Tan


Mdm Michelle Tan holds a Bachelor's Degree in English. She is a MOE-trained teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience, teaching mainly English and Science.

In her 10 years of teaching experience at an elite Primary School, her students often lauded her lessons as interesting, effective and enriching. As a former NIE-trained teacher who had taught in an elite local primary school, Mdm Michelle Tan was involved in many years of PSLE marking exercises. Such first-hand experiences has helped her benchmark her students' standard against those at national level.

The bubbly and trendy teacher keeps up to date with events, games, memes and all things pop culture to weave in with her educational content to keep her students engaged. She is particularly enthusiastic about drawing her students into the magic of Creative Writing too. She hopes every child will have an edge over others by attaining the language mastery.

Mdm Michelle Tan has the ability to connect to the younger generations too, bringing Science to life with real world applications. She uses mind maps to explain the key concepts to her students. That makes her science lessons well-crafted and purposeful.

Currently, Mdm Michelle Tan is teaching primary English and Science at GM.

Michelle Tan 女士拥有英语学士学位。她是一名受过教育部培训的教师,拥有超过 15 年的教学经验,主要教授英语和科学。

她在一所精英小学的 10 年教学经验中,她的学生经常称赞她的课程有趣、高效和丰富。作为一名前 NIE 培训的老师, Mdm Michelle Tan 在任教期间参与了多年的 PSLE 试卷批改。这样的第一手经验有助于她根据国家标准精准地评估学生的水平。


Mdm Michelle Tan 也有能力与年轻一代建立良好的沟通,在科学教学中,充分利用生活中的实例将科学融入生活。她应用思维导图向学生解释关键概念。使她的课程具有良好的条理并且目标明确。


Mdm Michelle Tan