Mdm Ding Mei


Madam Ding Mei holds a Bachelor of Chemistry from Fudan University and a Master of Chemistry from NUS. She has many years of research and development experience on drug discovery company. She is passionate about teaching and has several years of primary science, IP Chemistry and Express Chemistry teaching experience. More than 50% of the students from her Express Chemistry class got A1 in O level chemistry exam. Having experience to coach student to get gold medal in SJCHO competition(Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad). A new class, Chemistry (IP) SJCHO competition training, which started from this year, provides IP students more options.

Currently, Mdm Ding is a Science teacher in GM(Primary and Secondary Chemisty)

丁梅女士,拥有中国复旦大学化学学士学位和新加坡国立大学化学硕士学位。 丁女士拥有多年的新药研发经验。她对教学有极大热诚,有多年教授小学科学课程,中学化学直通车(IP)和快捷班(Express)的经验,所教授的中学化学快捷班学生中一半以上能在剑桥〇水准考试(O-Level)中取得A1 的成绩。辅导中学奥林匹克化学竞赛,学生荣获金牌,2020年丁老师应邀开设了中学奥林匹克化学竞赛辅导班,给直通车学生提供更多的选择。


Mdm Ding Mei