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Dr Tony Gao


Dr. Gao received his PH.D in Physics from Chinese Academy of Science. Upon graduation from his Bachelor Degree, Dr. Gao was involved in research on Physics and became a fanatic in Physics. He has studied and researched in the subject of Physics throughout his tertiary education, from bachelor to masters until PH.D

Dr. Gao has built up a very strong foundation in his knowledge and a vast research experience in Physics. He is able to impart a deep understanding of Physics knowledge to his students and inspire them to discover the amazing concepts behind many real-life applications.

Dr. Gao has many years of teaching experience in Secondary and JC Physics. He is a conscientious and meticulous teacher. Currently, he is teaching Secondary Science and Physics competition in Greatminds. One of his students was selected and represented Singapore in the 26th international Young physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) 2013 held in TaiPei and obtained overall Champions.

Currently he is teaching O-Level Physics at GM.



高博士具有多年中学和JC 教学经验。他治学严谨,一丝不苟。高博士目前在博思书院教授中学科学及物理竞赛课程。他的一名学生作为新加坡的代表参加了2013年在台北举办的第26界国际青年物理学家竞赛,并获得团体冠军。


Dr Tony Gao
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