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Dr Chang


Dr K C Chang was the Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew Book Prize recipient in 1974. He did his undergraduate studies in Physics from National University of Singapore, graduating in 1981 and was later awarded a scholarship to pursue a PhD in Theoretical Physics from a top Jewish-sponsored university, Brandeis University, in Massachusetts USA. He also had an Honors degree in Mathematics from the University of London and an MBA from International Management Centre, UK.

Dr Chang had worked with government-linked Singapore Technologies Venture, a management consulting practice of a Big Four accounting firm Ernst and Young, as well as a leading scientific publisher World Scientific Publishing Company. His successful corporate exposure and experience gave students a fresh perspective most school teachers won’t be able to deliver! He has been teaching physics and mathematics for “O” and “A” levels since 2003 and has successfully groomed hundreds of students in achieving their stellar grades! Since 2005, he has also designed special programs for the IP students. With a success rate of 80% in scoring A, Dr Chang’s credentials are among the best in the industry.

He is now teaching Secondary and JC Physics in GM.

张恺哲博士是1974年第一届李光耀总理书籍奖获奖者。他于1981 年毕业于新加坡国立大学物理系,并于同年翻译了前复旦大学校长苏步青教授的数学著作《微分几何讲义》,该译本将在复旦大学苏步青纪念馆展出。过后他获奖学金赴美国麻省Brandeis大学深造,获得理论物理学博士学位。他也曾获得英国伦敦大学数学荣誉学位以及英国 国际管理中心所颁发的工商管理硕士学位。

毕业后,张博士曾在多家机构工作过,包括政府联营的新加坡科技投资公司, 国际会计师事务所安永会计师属下的管理顾问公司以及出版高端科学书刊的世界科技出版社。张博士的一连串企业经验将带给学生们一个走出象牙塔和崭新的学习体验!

张博士从2003年开始专注于中学和JC物理和数学的教学工作,并从2005年开始为直通车 (IP) 学生特别量身定做教材以符合需求。近二十年来,张博士不仅培养了学生对科学的认识和兴趣和对追求学问的精神,更使许多学生在各个考试中交出亮眼的成绩!


Dr Chang
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